March 14, 2023

Road Ready Unveils SmartSite GPS-Based Asset Tracking For Jobsite Equipment

Las Vegas (March 14, 2023) – Road Ready, the advanced telematics and connected technology provider from Clarience Technologies, unveiled SmartSiteTM, a new contractor-grade GPS-based equipment tracking solution, at a press event at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas today. The SmartSite GPS tracking solution—easy to use and engineered to withstand punishing jobsite environments—introduces the Road Ready brand to the construction market and expands Clarience Technologies’ already significant footprint in the industry.

“Armed with the technology that’s helped us make countless on-highway fleets more efficient, Road Ready is going ‘off road’,” said Nada Jiddou, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for Clarience Technologies, parent to the Road Ready brand. “Our new SmartSite equipment tracking solution helps contractors avoid project delays and cost overruns from lost or misplaced equipment, making them more efficient and improving their bottom line.”

Road Ready is owned by Michigan-based Clarience Technologies, a global transportation technology provider whose team of companies include several well-respected names serving the vocational truck, construction and off-highway equipment market including Truck-Lite® advanced LED lighting, DAVCO® diesel filtration, ECCO® Safety Systems, and Pressure Systems International® tire pressure monitoring and automatic tire inflation systems.

Helping Contractors Work at their “Peak” During Peak Season

The all-new SmartSite equipment tracking solution was designed to address a common need so many contractors face – how to capitalize upon construction’s “peak season”, the summer months when the days are longest and, in much of the country, when the weather is most cooperative. 

“Contractors have told us that ‘peak season’ is their critical time to earn money and keep them in the black for rest of the year,” said Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Clarience Technologies. “We quickly saw a way to apply our technology and create a solution for contractors to avoid situations preventing them from working at their peak, all through peak season.”

SmartSite customers can track and manage their assets through a simple portal, their starting point for unlocking the system’s full potential. The portal lets a contractor view all enrolled assets in one place, improving scheduling tasks and helping to reduce overbooking equipment—a situation that might delay, or even cancel, scheduled jobs. Assigning available assets to the next job becomes easier both when using “list view”, which provides details on each asset being tracked, or “map view”, which lets the contractor easily see available assets in proximity to the next job. 

Additionally, SmartSite helps contractors quickly react when its equipment goes “missing”, which often means it was either delivered to the wrong job, delivered to the right job and overlooked, or, in rare cases, stolen.  In these situations, contractors can login and pinpoint the exact location of the equipment on a map, so they can get the correct assets to where they are needed. In fact, this tool is most valuable when its used proactively to confirm the right equipment was delivered prior to the start of the job.  This helps avoid the costly scenario of paying a work crew to sit idle onsite while waiting for the correct equipment to arrive.

Contractor-Grade Hardware Works Worry-Free, Even in Punishing Jobsite Conditions  

Whatever a contractor’s next jobsite might look like – road construction, commercial development, demolition, or more – the equipment used at that worksite can take a beating. That’s why Road Ready chose to develop hardware to withstand the punishing conditions faced in these environments—so companies knew once they installed the device, they could have the peace of mind that it would stay in place and keep working.

The proprietary, Contractor-grade tracking device is engineered to be nearly indestructible.  The fully-potted device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, is fully encased in stainless steel, and attaches to a 2-gauge steel mounting plate that welds directly to the equipment being tracked. This helps protect the device hardware from physical impacts that occur on the job throughout construction season. The device is battery powered and is designed to emit a daily location ping for eight years—which means once the tracker is installed, the system is essentially worry-free for nearly a decade.

Bringing Transportation Innovations to Jobsites

Road Ready was created by Truck-Lite in 2017 as an advanced telematics solution for commercial truck trailers. Road Ready became its own business three years later when parent Clarience Technologies was formed, and today the telematics provider is sister brand to Truck-Lite, as well as ECCO brand safety systems, DAVCO diesel fuel filtration solutions, P.S.I. tire pressure and tire inflation systems, and several others. The business is based in Southfield, Michigan, and has become one of the fastest-growing telematics brands serving commercial transportation.

While Road Ready might be new to construction, Clarience Technologies companies have a long history serving this industry. Truck-Lite offers front forward, directional, warning and marker/clearance lighting that can be found on a broad variety models of work trucks, truck bodies, heavy duty tractors and specialized trailers that pass through a jobsite in any given day.  Meanwhile, ECCO has also been a leader with vehicle safety technologies for the jobsite, creating the industry’s first back-up alarm for commercial trucks in 1972 and has continued to provide new and more effective safety solutions for both off-highway construction equipment and on-highway commercial vehicles, including amber warning lights, beacons and strobes, as well as LED work lights and directional lights. Finally, DAVCO has also served the off-highway market for decades, building nearly 300,000 diesel fuel/water separators for diesel engines since 2004 that have been sold through alternate channels as private brands. This collective experience has guided Road Ready in developing SmartSite and will continue to help ensure Road Ready products exceed the expectations of construction contractors throughout the industry.

About Road Ready 

Road Ready, a Clarience Technologies brand, is a vertically integrated advanced telematics and smart fleet solutions SaaS provider headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Road Ready offers custom telematics solutions to help fleets manage, optimize, and maximize their assets. Coupled with an expansive network of premier integration partners, customers can do more through a single interface, Road Ready continues to implement groundbreaking research and development to make impactful contributions to the transportation industry. 

About Clarience Technologies

Clarience Technologies is a global transportation technology solutions provider serving vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket retailers, commercial fleets and consumers worldwide. Founded in 2020 and based in Southfield, Michigan, the company’s mission is to bring total visibility to transportation by delivering the technologies that keep the world moving forward—made possible by the nearly 3,000 employees who are guided by the company’s CLEAR Principles: Curiosity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Respect. The Clarience Technologies team of companies include Truck-Lite (1955), Road Ready (2017), ECCO Safety Systems (1977), Code 3 (1974), RIGID Industries (2001), Lumitec (2007), DAVCO (1976), LED Autolamps (2002), Pressure Systems International (1993) and Fleetilla (2000). Its track record of meaningful innovation is represented best by its breakthrough innovations over the years that have accelerated progress in transportation. Learn more at

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