Increase uptime with engine diagnostics

FleetFACTZ is a robust telematics platform that harnesses data from a variety of sources to enable optimal fleet management for tractors and other commercial transportation vehicles. FleetFACTZ helps fleets increase uptime leveraging engine diagnostics.

  • J1587 codes sent over J1708 protocol
  • J1939 codes sent over J1939 protocol
  • OBDII codes sent over OBDII protocol

And simplifies driver management with driver behavior monitoring, including our driver scorecard, so you can keep your fleet safe, on the road and profitable.

Who is this for?

Commercial Transportation


Commercial Transportation

Sprinter Van

Commercial Transportation

Step Van – Package Truck

Features & Benefits


Knowledge is power.


remotely manage your fleet from anywhere

Web Services

API/Interface definitions, SDKs, Sandboxes, and other components to seamlessly connect FleetFACTZ data to other systems and data sources

Powerful GPS

real-time visibility, current location, and detailed breadcrumb trail, for your entire fleet

Web Extentions

the functionality of FleetFACTZ can be extended by creating customer-specific add-ons known as Web Extensions

Seamless integration

open APIs for seamless integration between ERP, Dispatch, CRM Payroll, or other internal systems and FleetFACTZ

Configurable Alerts

set your update/alert preference – schedule-based and event-based configurations available

Features & Benefits

Driver Scorecard

Curate your day-to-day and historical data into configurable reports so you can go from reactive to proactive, increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs.

With you from day one.

Supported by a team of tech experts ready to help you win.

  • 1:1 Initial Account Set up and Ongoing Support
  • Live training and onboarding for your entire team
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Road Ready opened our eyes as far as having real-time visibility into our trailers anywhere across the United States.

Jarit C.

Nashville, TN

You guys have a hell of a good customer service team. If I have an issue… you guys stuck with me until we get it fixed.

John M.

Connellsville, PA

Road Ready not only tells us when a trailer is moving – it tells us when it’s not moving. If a trailer isn’t moving, its not making you money.

Kathi L.

Houston, TX