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Get to know your fleet inside and out with straightforward data and advanced insights from Road Ready. Make better-informed decisions and keep your trailers on the road—where they belong.

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The advanced insights you need to make better decisions for your fleet, starting at $14*. Get started today.


  • 4/5G Service
  • Active Tracking
  • Parked GPS Location
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty (Gateway)
  • Unlimited Virtual Support


  • All Basic Features
  • Door Monitoring**
  • Lights Out Detection**
  • Temperature Monitoring**
  • 1 Zone Cargo Monitoring**
  • 1x 3rd Party Device Monitoring


  • All Plus Features
  • Up to 5 Zone Cargo Monitoring
  • 2x 3rd Party Device Monitoring
  • Hardware Discount (10% Discount on Sensors)
  • 1x API Integration***


Custom solutions to get you the data you need for your fleet, up to and including…

  • All Complete Features
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Equipment Monitoring
  • Unlimited API Integrations***
  • On-Site Installation Support

* Pricing is per asset, per month. Variable pricing available based on fleet sizes, with more assets leading to a lower per asset, per month price. All gateway assets are included in the price at no additional cost.

** Door Monitoring, Lights-Out Detection, Temperature Monitoring, and Cargo Monitoring require the purchase of additional sensor hardware.

*** API calls are limited to 15,000 calls per 24-hour period.

What’s Different About Road Ready?

Simple and Straightforward

Getting helpful fleet insights shouldn’t be complicated. With Road Ready, it isn’t.

Inside and Out

Advanced sensors let you know everything about your fleet. Everything.

Industry, First

We know the trucking and fleet management industry. And we innovate just for that.

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