Data shouldn’t make you work. It should work for you.

Smarter connected technologies for commercial fleets. That’s the Road Ready difference.

Level Up

Complete fleet management at your fingertips

Road Ready helps fleets of all types and sizes keep a close eye on their equipment and cargo. Whether it’s knowing the exact location of the vehicles and trailers or optimizing every load for maximum profit, we offer the tools to run as efficiently as possible.

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  • Locate and manage your trailers, trucks and equipment

    Real-time visibility for increased productivity

  • Diagnose problems remotely to keep your assets moving

    Increase uptime and avoid costly roadside repairs

  • Increase your capacity utilization

    Capitalize on available cargo space

  • Customize your insights with advanced reporting and analytics

    Identify trends and stay ahead of issues by unlocking the power of your data

  • Count on our professional support team

    You can count on us for tech support and advice

  • Manage your assets with solutions for every fleet

    Solutions for commercial, retail, intermodal, leased, heavy duty, final mile, and vocational fleets

Get instant results from the data you rely on

What good is an abundance of data if it’s buried on various platforms? With Road Ready, all the data that’s most relevant to your business – from ALL assets including both trucks and trailers – can be easily found on one dashboard, allowing you to quickly analyze and react.

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Improve uptime with predictive/preventative maintenance

Track and Trace

Safety, security & proven theft recovery from GPS tracking technology

Cargo Management

Temperature, load status & rotation visibility

Agnostic Smart Trailer

Cargo intelligence on your terms

Experience the difference

Committed partner of fleets – no matter the type or size.

Road Ready is comprised of experts from both the commercial vehicle and technology industries. This combination has helped us address the biggest pain-points most fleets currently experience with thoughtful, intuitive solutions that make a real difference to their bottom line.

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We were born from trucking.

From the very beginning, Road Ready has been focused on providing solutions to the trucking industry – starting with trailer health and to the complete fleet suite of services we offer today – we know that for fleets, uptime is everything,

We know what’s coming next.

Road Ready is part of Clarience Technologies, a global leader in transportation technology. Because of this, we have our pulse on electric and autonomous vehicles with deep experience in connectivity.

We’re built for the long haul.

We don’t outsource – we built in-house expertise that knows you, the industry, and how our product can make you better. We have been scaling up fast to meet robust demand.

The Road Ready promise

We understand that no two customers are alike – nor is there such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why our suite of fleet management products and packages are scalable and configurable based on your unique business goals and growth plans.

  • We will work with you to configure a solution tailored to your business needs.
  • You will be supported by our team every step of the way.
  • As your needs change with time, our solutions will change with you.
  • Our solutions will always utilize the latest, most efficient technologies.


With Road Ready, we caught this failing bearing way ahead of true failure—and that’s a significant cost savings.

Mike Jeffress

VP of Maintenance, Maverick Transportation

Road Ready opened our eyes as far as having real-time visibility into our trailers anywhere across the United States.

Jarit C.

Nashville, TN

You guys have a hell of a good customer service team. If I have an issue… you guys stuck with me until we get it fixed.

John M.

Connellsville, PA

Road Ready not only tells us when a trailer is moving – it tells us when it’s not moving. If a trailer isn’t moving, its not making you money.

Kathi L.

Houston, TX