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Experience the true power and simplicity of Road Ready’s advanced trailer telematics. Your trial will be custom to your fleet’s specific needs, and a Road Ready consultant will help you design the trial for the best fit so you can see first-hand how our solutions can improve ROI and transform your fleet management. Get started with your trial by filling out the form below, and our experts will be in touch to discuss the best applications for your fleet.

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Achieve More with Road Ready

In addition to our advanced suite of sensors paired with Fus1on—our dashboard powered by Clarience Technologies, you’ll be assigned a Road Ready consultant throughout the duration of your trial. They will monitor your data from our Command Center, and work with you to discuss insights, performance, and opportunities.

  • Track and Trace

    Know where your trailers are and how long they’ve been there—to better keep them on the road and on time.

  • Anti-Theft

    From unauthorized opens to GPS route tracking, data alerts keep your high value loads safe.

  • Catastrophic Event Prevention (Wheel-End Health)

    Catastrophic failures and thermal events are preventable—if you know when temperatures are rising to the point of danger.

  • Advanced Trailer Maintenance

    Keep your trucks on the road by better preparing for their maintenance needs—and scheduling ahead.

  • Cargo & Weight Management

    Take advantage of every square inch of your fleet’s available capacity.

  • Moving Violation Prevention

    Know that your brakes, lights, and tires are all up to snuff to avoid expensive—and inconvenient—moving violations.

Fleets that Drive Results

Advanced telematics are designed to give you the best possible insight into your fleet. More than that, when you work with Road Ready, you get that data broken down into easy-to-understand information that allows you to make better decisions for your fleet. These are a few results you might expect to see:

  • asset uptime improvement (through proper preventative maintenance)
  • reduction in maintenance cost per asset (through proper preventative maintenance)
  • reduction in emergency roadside incidents
  • fuel economy improvement (with active tire inflation monitoring and management)
  • extended tire life (with active tire inflation monitoring and management)
  • overall earnings growth by reducing operating costs

Why Road Ready?

Simple and Straightforward

Getting helpful fleet information shouldn’t be complicated. With Road Ready, it isn’t.

Inside and Out

A powerful suite of sensors let you know everything about your fleet. Everything.

Industry, First

We know the trucking and fleet management industry. And we innovate just for that.

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