One-stop fleet management back office

FleetVIZ is an easy-to-use platform designed directly from input by our commercial fleet customers to help fleets optimize their operations. Combined with proprietary platform enablers, FleetVIZ is a one-stop, no portal hop, fleet management back office.

Who is this for?

Commercial Transporation


Commercial Transporation

Containers & Chassis

Commercial Transporation


Commercial Transporation


Features & Benefits


Knowledge is power.


remotely manage your fleet from anywhere

Uncomplicated UI

drill-down capabilities, creating an uncomplicated, user-defined, experience

Powerful GPS

real-time visibility, current location, and detailed breadcrumb trail, for your entire fleet

Fully networked

presents actionable insights from any installed sensory source

At-a-glance insights

green, yellow, and red color indicators for quick, at-a-glance asset and fleet health insights

Configurable Alerts

set your update/alert preference – schedule-based and event-based configurations available

Features & Benefits

Increase efficiencies. Decrease costs.

Curate your day-to-day and historical data into configurable reports so you can go from reactive to proactive, increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs.

With you from day one.

Supported by a team of tech experts ready to help you win.

  • 1:1 Initial Account Set up and Ongoing Support
  • Live training and onboarding for your entire team
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With Road Ready, we caught this failing bearing way ahead of true failure—and that’s a significant cost savings.

Mike Jeffress

VP of Maintenance, Maverick Transportation

Road Ready opened our eyes as far as having real-time visibility into our trailers anywhere across the United States.

Jarit C.

Nashville, TN

You guys have a hell of a good customer service team. If I have an issue… you guys stuck with me until we get it fixed.

John M.

Connellsville, PA

Road Ready not only tells us when a trailer is moving – it tells us when it’s not moving. If a trailer isn’t moving, its not making you money.

Kathi L.

Houston, TX