Advanced Health Management Capabilities and Key Indicators


Lights Out Detection System

Brake Health

Continuous Wear Smart Brake Chamber & Temperature Status

Cargo Management

Door Security | Cargo Status | Cargo Volume

Tire Health

TPMS | Tire Inflation

Wheel-End Health

Temperature & vibration sensors

Weight Management

Weight scale sensors can accurately report weight on both air and spring suspensions, providing operational efficiency and cost containment.


Road Ready opened our eyes as far as having real-time visibility into our trailers anywhere across the United States.

Jarit C.

Nashville, TN

You guys have a hell of a good customer service team. If I have an issue… you guys stuck with me until we get it fixed.

John M.

Connellsville, PA

Road Ready not only tells us when a trailer is moving – it tells us when it’s not moving. If a trailer isn’t moving, its not making you money.

Kathi L.

Houston, TX