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We could tell you all about how our advanced telematics are powerful, yet delivered in a straightforward, simple to understand way that makes it easy for you to make decisions. But we’d rather just show you.

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Why Schedule a Demo?

It isn’t easy to understand the power of telematics until you see them in action. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a demo with us:

  • A sales representative will schedule an introductory call for you to better understand what your needs are in trailer telematics.
  • Once we understand your needs, we’ll schedule a time for a demo.
  • You’ll learn the specifics of the Road Ready solutions that best fit your needs.
  • We’ll demonstrate how the data and insights from Road Ready is presented on the Fus1on software platform, while also displaying Road Ready sensors and LogIQ partner technologies.
  • Learn about our Command Center, where our consultants can monitor your information and offer insights based on the data they see—and make suggestions for your consideration.
  • Finally, we’ll craft an introductory offer that encourages you to test a few trailers on your fleet to see for yourself, select a pre-existing package to solve your specific use case, or craft a custom program with our sales and solutions team.

Why Road Ready?

Simple and Straightforward

Getting helpful fleet information shouldn’t be complicated. With Road Ready, it isn’t.

Inside and Out

A powerful suite of sensors let you know everything about your fleet. Everything.

Industry, First

We know the trucking and fleet management industry. And we innovate just for that.

Trailer Telematics Pricing

We offer competitive pricing and will work with you to build a completely custom solution that’s suited specifically to your fleet’s needs.

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