October 11, 2023

Road Ready Advanced Trailer Telematics to be Offered as a Factory-Installed Option on MAC Liquid Tank Trailers

Indianapolis, IN (October 11, 2023) – Road Ready, the advanced trailer telematics provider from global transportation technology leader Clarience Technologies, and MAC Liquid Tank Trailers have agreed to offer Road Ready advanced trailer telematics as a factory-installed option on MAC LTT trailers. The announcement comes in conjunction with NTTC Tank Truck Week 2023, the annual gathering of tank truck professionals being held on October 8-11, 2023, in Indianapolis.

“Bulk transporters hauling heavier and more hazardous cargo stand to benefit from the operational safety and cargo security insights provided by Road Ready,” said Mark Johnson, executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer at Clarience Technologies. “The MAC Liquid Tank Trailers brand is respected by transportation professionals everywhere, and we are pleased to partner with them to make Road Ready a factory-installed option on their trailers.”

Based in Kent, Ohio, MAC Liquid Tank Trailers is a leading manufacturer of trailers and tanks designed for the safe transport of liquids and other bulk cargo. The company offers a complete line-up of trailers designed to reduce weight, optimize payload and maximize performance.

“We are proud to offer Road Ready advanced trailer telematics as a factory-installed option on our tank truck trailers,” said Jim Maiorana, co-owner and president, MAC LTT. “We believe the Road Ready technology will bring value to our customers by giving them access to comprehensive and accurate information about their trailers. This will enable them to make better decisions, increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.”

Matt Niemeier, vice president of sales, MAC LTT, added, “We know smart trailer technology is coming and need to adapt to the changes our industry is seeing. A telematics solution like Road Ready is a great way to start. We look forward to the feedback and dialog this week at NTTC Tank Truck Week.”

Road Ready advanced trailer telematics solutions require the installation of a proprietary telematics device named the Road Ready Master Control Unit. Customers can take advantage of a variety of location-based safety and tracking features of the Road Ready advanced telematics system. Fleets can customize how often each fleet asset communicates its location status. Fleets can also set up custom landmarks to create geofences for established routes, triggering alerts to help fleets protect their assets and their customer’s cargo.

Customers can work with their Road Ready sales representative to configure their solution to the exact needs of their fleet, selecting from a list of features that leverage either Road Ready sensors and devices, or those devices from the Road Ready LogIQ smart trailer partners that monitor critical aspects of the trailer including cargo temperature, weight, tire pressure and wheel-end health, and more.

Additionally, all Road Ready telematics solutions are now Powered by Fus1on, a modern and powerful cloud-based IoT platform from Clarience Technologies that integrates data from multiple sources and provides actionable insights to fleet managers and drivers. With Fus1on, Road Ready telematics will adapt as a fleet, or the industry, changes over time.

For more information, visit roadready.com.

About Road Ready
Road Ready from Clarience Technologies is a vertically integrated advanced telematics and digital fleet solutions provider based in Southfield, Michigan. Road Ready offers custom telematics solutions to help fleets see, manage and optimize their fleet assets. Coupled with an expansive network of premier integration partners, customers can do more through a single interface, Road Ready continues to implement groundbreaking research and development to make impactful contributions to the transportation industry.

About Clarience Technologies
Clarience Technologies is a global transportation technology solutions provider serving vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket retailers, commercial fleets and consumers worldwide. Founded in 2020 and based in Southfield, Michigan, the company’s mission is to bring total visibility to transportation by delivering the technologies that keep the world moving forward—made possible by the nearly 3,000 employees who are guided by the company’s CLEAR Principles: Curiosity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Respect. The Clarience Technologies team of companies include Truck-Lite (1955), Road Ready (2017), ECCO Safety Systems (1977), Code 3 (1974), RIGID Industries (2001), Lumitec (2007), DAVCO (1976), LED Autolamps (2002), Pressure Systems International (1993) and Fleetilla (2000). Its track record of meaningful innovation is represented best by its breakthrough innovations over the years that have accelerated progress in transportation. Learn more at www.clariencetechnologies.com.

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